⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ E Chen

We have known Bevan Sim for over twenty years. In that time we have developed/built several residential and commercial properties. We have utilised Bevan Sim Architect for various different services.

Currently, he is in the process of finalising plans for our commercial property extension.

He and his company, have always exhibited a comprehensive understanding of the clients’ needs, this has proved invaluable as it has resulted in both an aesthetically pleasing and functional product.

He also excels in providing services such as building consultancy and being an expert witness. Building can at times be quiet stressful, particularly when one has to go to court, but having someone whom you can depend as an expert witness in a building dispute to provide objective, qualified and documented evidence relevant to the facts in dispute can be a matter of having the case decided in your favour or losing such. In our case, the person presiding over the case decided that “Mr Sim’s evidence was preferred to” than the other expert on the other side, which eventuated in the case decided in our favour.

Ever since then, we have confidence in services performed by Bevan.

E Chen


Villacape Pty Ltd

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Barry Ritchie

The challenge was to design a substantial first-floor extension to a brick residence. The ground floor stepped down three times while the first floor needed to be a large single-level open-plan space for living, dining and kitchen with two bedrooms, and their bathrooms. Access to the first floor was by a stairway with a simple lift without losing any space on the ground floor.


The exceptional design provided all the space we could have wished for with a storeroom also able to be included. The first floor had to sit on the ground floor and span a large recently-renovated kitchen, living and dining area without supports.


Design and specifications matched readily available material and much thought was given to cladding and roofing to enhance the final structure. The quality of the final product was well-beyond our expectations.


We found Bevan pleasant, helpful, easy to work with and accepting and specifying suggested minor changes readily. Construction was facilitated by Bevan’s design allowing the work to be completed under time.


We would recommend Bevan to anyone looking for an efficiently designed quality new building or extension.


With best wishes and thanks, Bevan.


Barry Ritchie

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